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NG Equine Services

for Optimum Performance

NG Equine Services provide a unique range of equine services for the high performance horse. 

Based in Perth, Western Australia, NG Equine Services is owned and operated by Nadia Gronow. Nadia is a qualified “Equinology Equine Body Worker” and a member of the International Equine Body Workers Association. Nadia has recently become Western Australias most highly qualified Equine Body Worker after she received her level two certification from Equinology. 

NG Equine Services are passionate about ensuring each client has the best possible chance of achieving their goals in the competition arena. Having trained one of her own horses to a place on the National Futures Showjumping squad, Nadia can relate to the everyday demands placed on the high performance horse.   

Nadia has completed  the following equine courses and is currently Western Australia's only Equinology  Level II body worker.

  • Equinology equine body worker certification EQ100- EBW
  • Equine photonic red light therapy - taught by Dianne Jenkins
  • Equinology advanced massage techniques (including MFR & soft tissue mobilisation) EQ103
  • Equinology anatomy discovery workshop EQ900
  • Equine integrative medicine based assessment & rehabilitation strategies course - Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM & Manolo Mendez 

  • Saddle Fitting - Dr Kerry Ridgway EQ 700 

  • Module I and Module II of equine Acupuncture/Acupressure - Dr Kerry Ridgway 

  • Equine Dissection - Sharon May Davis

  • Equine Biomechanics - Sharon May Davis 

  • Equine Biomechanics - Gillian HigginsCer
  • Etificate IV in equine management (TAFE)

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